As part of a scaled up approach to online training during the COVID-19 pandemic, I joined WPP and Adobe as part of their Creative Jam program in my Adobe Creative Ambassador role.
This 3 hour session focused on bringing experts to help provide guidance on various aspects of stock photography, composition, colour, rule of thirds, layout as well as 2 live tutorials walking attendees through two shoots using Adobe Dimension to introduce and composite 3D objects into photography, work with texture maps, experiment with bringing Adobe Stock into the workflow as a single user and how to do that with a team workflow using CC Libraries.
Finally we worked with Cloud Render - the latest update to Dimension that allows you to upload the high render demand to Adobe servers to remove any workflow bottle necks.
At the end of the session we all shared our work. My composition used one of my own images shot as part of a work from home series together with a couple of 3D objects to help enjoy a better work/life experience.
"Thanks for joining us and for your leadership as an Adobe #CreativeAmbassador"

Adam Pratt
Sr. Marketing Manager, Creative Ambassador Program

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