BrandZ Storyteller
For over 15 years BrandZ has been providing brand equity data on thousands of brands to WPP agencies. Originally this data was delivered through PowerPoint reports that would take 2-3 days to produce; each report contained a large amount of raw data. Often this data went unused, as it was far too detailed for the agencies to find any useful consumer insights.
The BrandZ team wanted a more intuitive approach to delivering consumer insights to agencies. But they felt that a standard dashboard approach just wouldn’t work in this situation, it would make accessing the data quicker and easier but there would still be issues around understanding the data.
Over the years we had learned that the best approach to creating insights from data was through a story lead approach. Telling the story of a brands brand history is very useful as it provides insights for the agencies to see what has/has not worked in the past, but also allowed them to understand why this was the case.
My In-house design team were tasked with the complete design of a brand new automated dashboard 'storyteller' for Brandz. This would allow anyone in WPP to access the huge BrandZ database, selecting categories, countries, brands and stories and would then present them with a downloadable report (in powerpoint) format for them to take to their clients.

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