To support the 2017 BrandZ UK Top 100 internal communications efforts I was asked to film, edit and produce 3 videos that would be used at launch events at several sites and online materials.
I conducted all the filming with people from Kantar in London and Warwick. I wanted the films to break away from the corporate broad room feel, so we chose to shoot on location instead. In Warwick in filmed in a local bar making use of modern looks and neon lights. In London, we filmed in open spaces and on top of Sea Containers.
All footage was also shot entirely on an iPhone X using an Osmo gimbal to provide steady shots without the need to set up a lot of equipment to carry tripods with the addition of Moment lenses to provide great-looking visuals. The reason behind the move away from DSLRs was to embrace the enhanced image quality in mobile cameras and to take advantage of a cloud-based editing workflow on the phone itself with Adobe Premiere Rush. The audio was recorded via Instamics rather than a more bulky radio mic setup.
We produced three short films from the footage - Brands are Special, My Favourite Brand, and My Favourite Top 100 Brand.

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