Shell asked us to produce three sets of deliverables for their Truck, Car, and Bike markets. This project is a great example of a collaborative approach, delivering an extremely fast turnaround project on time and taking a risk with a new way of working that paid off.  
With a tight deadline in mind, we set up several workshops with the client where we developed the storyboards and scripts live with them. This approach enabled us to involve the client in the art direction with the aim of reducing the time needed for change rounds. 
After these sessions, my team moved on to character artwork and animation. Using a cloud workflow as the backbone of the development meant that we could start animating bounding boxes in AfterEffects whilst our Illustrators draw the characters and other artwork.
With each save as the artwork progressed, the cloud platform synced the files between team members (often in geographically different locations) and the finished elements would then appear in the animation timeline. 
We also completed reports and ebooks to go alongside the videos for the client.

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