JLL NORTH AMERICA needed a brochure for one of their new real estate developments in Minneapolis. The client provided the majority of the assets - photography, copy, logos, etc. And we talked to them about what sort of styles and looks they wanted to see.

We'd previously worked with them on some initial branding the year before (which is why they came back to me for this project), so we were able to take that as a base, and then also create new assets for them such as detailed maps and drawings to illustrate the property in detail.

Taking all these elements together we returned a finished brochure which the client was happy with.
For the design work, we needed to show the client that the new style would require several new pages per document. But we also needed to update the copy. I worked closely with the copywriter to ensure he wrote enough words per page to create a balanced layout. we Then showed them an early example of how the new sales report could look with these changes and instantly won them over.

OUR next steps were to go and talk with the expert teams behind each report to ensure the new copy was both up-to-date and that they approved what it said. They'd never been asked to be involved like this before and saw the appeal of the document being accurate.
Once the new copy was written for all 10 reports, we started designing to the new brand guidelines. This had it's own initial challenges as guideline templates has only been produced for brochures and adverts. So we had to adapt these designs, checking in with the brand compliance team to ensure they were happy, before delivering to the client.

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