JLL North America wanted to create a high-end luxury brochure for a new development in DENVER. THE Property - an 858,000 square-foot mixed-use office and retail building needed to attract premium clients, with unobstructed views of the rocky mountains, numerous outdoor terraces, a bar, a library, and concierge services available.
The initial branding work was a mix of gold of luxury JAPANESE INDIGO, along with bespoke illustrations and iconography. The work I created for this included all the layout elements, the creation of illustrations, detailed map and amenities pages, and illustrative visualisations.
This project involved multiple stakeholders in JLL and the property developers, so navigating this relationship was crucial! I was very keen to ensure that feedback rounds were concise and worked closely with the client to ensure the developers (her clients) were happy.

This relationship worked well and we were able to complete the brochure ahead of schedule.

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