Latham & Watkins were holding a large conference event in DUBAI alongside, but not connected to COP28, the United Nations climate change conference. THE BRIEF AND VENUE (THE WALDORF ASTORIA DUBAI PALM JUMEIRAH) asked for overall event branding, as well as several pieces of collateral at the event; standees, podiums, photo wall, signs, menus, digital screens, and content for a super large screen (10mx 3M).
Latham & Watkins also partnered with Air Products, Global CCs Institute, and IETA. All stakeholders would need to approve the final design, with Latham leading.
In my initial exploration, I ventured down two distinct design paths: typography and geometric. Given the diverse array of climate change sectors associated with the event partners, it was imperative to steer clear of clichéd photography and instead focus on innovative visual concepts that avoided favoritism towards any particular sector. Moreover, it was crucial to ensure that the design ethos remained distinctly separate from the main conference, signaling the unique identity of this event.
In delving into typography, I experimented with various aesthetics ranging from a sophisticated dark navy palette with dynamic type configurations to a lighter blue scheme incorporating elements of palm imagery—a nod to a specific request from the team. Additionally, I delved into a thematic exploration centered around the idea of "unlocking discussions," symbolizing the challenging conversations anticipated during the conference.
On the geometric front, my designs sought inspiration from key climate change themes. One concept revolved around the concept of a "warming world," utilizing color gradients to visually depict rising temperatures. Another approach involved the strategic use of upward-pointing arrows, symbolizing progress and collective action towards combating climate change.
Embracing the theme of "Unlocking Discussions," Geoff Burt, CCO at Latham & Watkins, expressed admiration for the project's exceptional creativity, stating, "I wanted to recognize the outstanding and very creative work on this project." This sentiment was unanimously echoed by all partners who enthusiastically endorsed the design.
The concept behind "Unlocking Discussions" envisioned several segments arranged within counter-rotating circles. These segments would align dynamically to depict a pathway or potential solutions arising from the unlocked conversations fostered by the event. This innovative approach symbolized the collaborative effort and forward momentum toward resolving critical issues.
The theme was carefully crafted to seamlessly extend across all assets, spanning from static visuals to dynamic motion graphics. Following the approval of the initial design, I began work on a diverse array of assets essential for the conference experience.
This included the development of a comprehensive storyboard tailored for the video team, ensuring cohesive narrative flow and visual consistency. Additionally, I spearheaded the design of conference websites hosted on VUTURE, optimizing them for mobile accessibility to cater to the diverse needs of attendees.
Furthermore, I conceptualized and executed digital screen guidance, menus, note cards featuring QR codes for enhanced interaction, badges, and an array of additional collateral. Each element was thoughtfully designed to not only reflect the overarching theme but also to elevate the attendee experience and facilitate seamless navigation throughout the conference.

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