DUE TO THE CONFLICT between Israel and Palestine this event didn't take place. THE FOllowing showcases the design process with the team at Latham & Watkins.
Latham & WATKINS has taken part in the journey - a high-tech conference in Tel Aviv, Israel - previously and for 2023 wanted to ensure the stand design stood out from the crowd in a high traffic zone, and talked to Latham's global presence. With topics like AI at the centre of the conference this year, latham wanted to talk to senior corporate executives, entrepreneurs, financial experts, leading investors, and over 100 of the biggest names in the industry.
Design V1
The metro-style first design treatment to be presented back to the team focused on the biggest ask, that the global presence of the firm is a solid part of the backdrop. The team also wanted to include some form of world map that could initiate talking points with conference participants.

The second treatment shown to the team, included a more corporate traditional look using a world map of dots and office highlights in white.
Design V2
Design v2 looked towards talking to the AI aspect of the conference as its main image. Treatment one explored the topic of global vision, which would express the firm's own vision or that it had the expertise to help understand and navigate the future of the high-tech industry. 
Treatment two also used AI generative tools to create the visual. This explored the potential chaotic nature of where Ai and technology were leading us, but at the centre of the piece was a calm women at peace, understanding the nature of the world around her, whilst in front was a white space, the opposite of the chaos, where you would find Latham's experts to help and guide you.
Design V3
 The Latham team asked to explore a third option in addition to the brief which would explore an "atomic" option. specifically orbits of neutrons and protons as offices around a nucleus of the conference topic.

Treatment one took a more Newtonian look at the design, using imagery that would talk to the orbiting ask and also cater for the 20+ offices the firm has globally.
Treatment two attempted to explore this topic in a more quantum sense, understanding that any of the conference topics could be independent or interdependent on other topics and that in the middle of this was the supporting network of Latham offices.
Final Designs
For the final designs, two of the existing treatments were selected - Atomic Orbits and DOT WORLD - along with a new third option which was a request for an abstract graphic shape design. The shape design used Latham's colour palette in a series of tech-inspired on/off shapes that resembled the light displays of early computers from the 50's and 60's like the Eniac.
After a couple of rounds of refinements, the team settled on the new third graphic option, which was then worked up into the stand designs as well as other conference materials, for meetings, takeaways, social media, video and motion, and more.

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