In 2016 I was asked to design the event materials for a presentation by Peter Walshe, Global Account Director at Kantar Millward Brown, who was speaking on creativity and innovation at MARKA, the International Brand Conference in Istanbul.

MARKA was unique in that the stage and screen were in a superwide format. Instead of the usual 16:9 widescreen designs, Peter and I came up with a format that would use the entire stage or a 16:3 format.

Peter was a fantastic presenter and relished the opportunity to do something special and different with this format. The material was designed in Adobe Creative Suites and put together on a special 16:3 PowerPoint template. We planned the content ahead of time to enable Peter to walk up and down the stage, revealing on-screen elements as he went. Simple animations or reveals let us do these bits, but on the sections, we wanted to be impactful we would reveal something across the entire stage.

It was a fantastic opportunity to break away from the normal presentation and work with an author who wanted to embrace doing something new.

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