Latham & Watkins partners in frankfurt, Germany, were holding an event day for clients with a large curved digital "volume" screen as the presentation space. This was an incredibly immersive space to design for.
After completing discovery with the event team in Germany it was my job to come up with the overall branding for the event. I worked through several logo designs and then circulated those to other creative specialists like the video team.
For the brand development team I wanted to ensure that the presentation PowerPoint charts did not need to feel like PowerPoint. With my previous experience designing for the marka conference in Turkey I knew we needed to make maximum use of as much of the screen as we could. there were limits to this as the curve was immense. 
So I put together examples that showcased good layout, storytelling, and data visualisation. I also wanted to make sure the colour palette used wasn't too complicated and was also very accessible.
The brand materials went down extremely well with the event team and the partners and was a very visual upgrade to previous years.

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