Latham & Watkins, a prominent law firm, commissioned a new report on litigation trends for 2024. The primary challenge lay in crafting an innovative piece that not only captivated attention but also retained elements of familiarity from previous iterations.
Compounded by ongoing brand reassessment, the project presented an opportune moment to infuse fresh perspectives into the report's design, ensuring fluid layouts and a comprehensive overhaul of brand photography. Particularly noteworthy was the departure from the convention of sparse photography, with a deliberate focus on integrating captivating visuals into each chapter and social media posts.
Traditionally reliant on stock imagery, the project embraced cutting-edge AI technology to explore novel avenues for visual creation. Leveraging regenerative techniques.
Central to the success was an efficient workflow tailored to accommodate diverse stakeholders, authors, and editorial inputs. sharp attention to detail ensured that the design resonated with stakeholders from inception, paving the way for a seamless execution.
The final output received widespread acclaim from partners and stakeholders alike. Encouraged by its success, there is already anticipation for a subsequent report in 2025.
The social media assets comprised a fusion of crafted infographics and dynamic carousels, tailored to complement every chapter within the report. Each segment of the report encapsulated substantial insights, presenting a unique challenge in harmonizing diverse elements such as imagery, diagrams, and typography seamlessly within each asset.

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